Curating collecting type tools – which way to go…???

I have a strong habit of bookmarking things, and after losing hard drives, the idea of having these available ‘in the cloud’, and being able to share these as well, is very appealing.

So… I am confused about the best way to go.  I have Pearltrees, Pinterest, and delicious accounts, and I can see the value in each of them.  They really have different ways of presenting bookmarks, or resources that are of interest on the web.  I reckon that it would be confusing and ineffective to try to populate all of these – so which one to use??? Perhaps it would work to have hobbies on one, and work type links on another.  But there is a bit of blurring especially around the graphic facilitation type resources…

I feel like I have hit a roadblock….

Interesting that while I type this I am listening to a podcast with Daniel Pink interviewing David Allen, who wrote “Getting Things Done”.  I have listened to Allen’s book on my iPhone.  He has just talked about different tools for collecting, and for organising.  Organisation is about using a structure of what represents meaning to you.  Therefore you need to make decisions about the meaning of things, and the potential meaning could be so broad.

hmmm… he has just said – what works is getting stuff out of your head, and once a week process everything – put a system into things based on what makes sense to you.