Ebb and flow

Feeling wrung out

Feeling wrung out

The last few weeks have been crazy, and while I have found a lot of energy during the day, I am usually totally spent by the evening.  With busy weekends, there has been little time to regenerate.

Yesterday I went to a conference.  I was regretting registering, thinking I had sooooo much else to do – but I needed to go because – well, I had paid for it – paid a lot for it.

So I went.  Within 15 minutes I knew I had gotten my money’s worth.  I knew it was going to be different.

I had missed the Welcome to Country – and it sounded like it was awesome.  The person who had done the Welcome was still on stage, and the MC was talking, and it was like an informal conversation.

Then Robyn Moore came on stage.  Robyn claimed she had been in all our homes.  Sure sure…. but she had … more than we knew!

Spray and Wipe ad

She kicked off singing the Spray and Wipe ad, and later revealed that she was the voice of Blinky Bill, a character well known to all Aussie kids.  She had an amazing skill in having you laughing, crying, laughing all within a few minutes.

Blinky BillBlinky Bill

Be in love with your potential!

Be extraordinary!!

 Robyn MooreMy notes from Robyn’s presentation are here.

Notes from Robyn Moore's presentation

Don’t Agonise – Organise

About 16 years ago I found this great postcard in a African shop at the Gold Coast:

Don't Agonise - OrganiseI kept it visible on my desk, and it really helped me focus when I needed to.

I haven’t been able to find the postcard itself for a while now, and every now and again I search on the net to see if I can find the image.  Finally I have – on this Swedish site: http://www.arkiv.certec.lth.se/dok/skolriksdagen/

I am hoping that this little visual reminder again works some magic for me, at a time when I need it even more.

Before I knew it I was clapping at the screen along with the audience…

I came across this post – 4 Must-See TED Talks on Creativity, Inspiration and Passion.  I have seen the Ken Robinson one in the past, and so far I have just watched the first one listed: Benjamin Zander – Classical Music with Shining Eyes

To quote our own icon, Molly Meldrum, “Do yourself a favour…” and watch it right to the end.  In 20 minutes he covers inspiration, passion, leadership… at the end before I knew it – I was clapping with the audience and felt tears running down my face.

A talented speaker, performer and leader.

Do yourself a favour.