Peter Senge – Navigating webs of interdependence

Listening to Peter Senge’s books has had a significant impact on me and my approach to workplace learning.  I came across Navigating webs of interdependence where Senge gives a brief but clear description of systems thinking, and the importance of understanding the complexity brought through interdependence.

I found my way here as I have been having another look at Twitter this week, and have started to follow more people.  I have not really taken to Twitter in the past – the short messages look too much like secret code.  But the other night I listened to a recorded web-TV broadcast where Steven Martin (yes – comic and actor) talked with great excitement about his use of Twitter.  I also listened to a webinar where Jane Hart interviewed Jane Bozarth, and the second Jane said her number one tool was Twitter. So anyhow – that’s how I came across this video – by searching for, and then following, Peter Senge on Twitter!