Social Media Course with Jane Hart

So – I should be focussing on two of my Masters assignments… but … I have been reading and reading, seeming to flit between blogs and online video – so much out there….

Two things that are contributing to this sense of distraction is my use of Twitter, and following the Australia Series group on facebook.  And once you start you are lost in a true web of so many interconnected threads….

Anyhow I came across a short course that Jane Hart is running on “:Using Social Media in Formal Learning”.  Cost is only AU$40 so I signed up!  Already behind – four assignments in two weeks – what was I thinking!  But would be great if I can cover it as I think it would really relate to my use of collaborative environments at work, which form the basis of my uni assignments… so… there is logic in my distracted procrastination… I think!

If I manage this course, then I would really like to sign up for the one in about a month that Jane is doing with Harold Jarche,Personal Knowledge Management“.