More on the Conference

Dr Jackie Huggins – I could truly listen to her all day. A key message – involve us, don’t do to us…even better, let us lead it

Peter Baines

Peter Baines – very powerful message about leadership and about living.  Peter’s story was about leading forensic teams in Thailand after the Boxing Day Tsunami, the lessons in bringing people with you, balancing compliance and governance with creativity, and turning good intentions into real results.  He established a charity in Thailand called Hands across the Water, to build homes and schools for kids orphaned in the Tsunami.  His stories again could move you to tears, and laughter as well.

The keynotes speakers and the session presenters held common threads:

  • George Lee Sye spoke about how to influence, engaging with people by understanding what is important to them
  • Julie Price from the Workforce Council who spoke about a program demonstrating learning by using professional conversations, resulting in ongoing professional networks
  • Ed Madigan, Endeavour Foundation, who spoke about recruiting school-based trainees, with the aim to benefit the individuals and the sector, not just their organisation – he spoke about the critical aspect of looking at what you are selling when you are recruiting.  They moved from selling an opportunity to work as a Disability Support Worker, to a pathway to a career.

MC - Suzanne Thompson

I mentioned earlier the MC of the conference – she was by far the best MC I have ever experienced.  Suzanne Thomson was fun, welcoming, respectful… reconciliation in person, she walks that talk of sharing and respecting cultures, of having fun, and learning along the way.

Link to the conference program